We are offering Intersection Groups, which will provide a casual way to connect through the Immerse Bible reading plan and meals. For more information, contact Arick Johanson at 308-224-4419 or arick@ccchristian.org.







Led by: Thad and Danelle Fields and Chad and Kelly Ferguson--Sundays, following worship service
Led by: Kyle and Mona Thatcher and Ed and Christi Harms--Sundays at 6 pm
Led by: Arick and Kacy Johanson--Mondays at 7 pm
Led by: Kevin and Monica Whitmore--Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
Led by: Butch and Jan Stratman--Wednesdays at 7 pm
Led by: Kathy Atz--Thursdays at 7 pm (Full)
Led by: Jim and Renee Gavin--Thursdays at 7 pm
Childcare available for some groups. Contact the group leader or Arick Johanson at                            308-224-4419 for more information.