A look ahead to 2019 goals and plans

Posted on January 30, 2019.

Happy New Year! This time of the year provides an opportunity to reflect on how God has worked through Clay Center Christian Church, and to look at what plans and goals lay ahead. While we trust that God will open up many opportunities during the upcoming year, He has moved hearts toward fulfilling the following goals in 2019:


Opportunities to CONNECT

- Install dimmable lights in the Worship Center

- Update technology/equipment in CCCC building to enable live-streaming of worship services


Opportunities to GROW

- Provide sermon series alternating between an Old and New Testament book

- Offer elective Bible classes on topics to strengthen and rebuild families and the church

- Develop coleaders for all ministry teams and co-teachers for all small groups and Bible classes

- Offer regular prayer vigils for CCCC

- Expand the Small Groups Ministry by establishing Intersection Groups in area communities


Opportunities to INVITE

- Organize a Becker Foundation event at a local school

- Plan effective men’s and women’s ministry activities, and family outreach events

- Refresh the CCCC building by finishing painting the walls and updating signage

- Organize a mom’s playgroup


Opportunities to SERVE

- Plan another Serve Day

- Plan VBS at Manna Camp

- Organize a church security team

- Involve more people on regular basis with local Mission partners

- Partner with other organizations in surrounding communities