Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School

Posted on April 11, 2018.

It has been so long since you last heard from us but that does not mean we are any less grateful for your gift. We are most grateful not only for your contribution, but for your faithfulness to this mission for so many years.

Our new general manager arrived on Feb. 1 and was eager to get started on this new challenge. He had had 10 years' experience with another non-government organization just a couple hundred miles from us. He is a young family man with 3 children. His name is NK Bardhan.

Christmas is just a dim but pleasant memory of those who returned to celebrate our Lord's birth at their home. Amongst the group were a new baby granddaughter and a grandson who wanted to come a last time before he went off to college. Ishmael, who had not been here for 6 years, came with a great testimony of how God has helped him to reach so many with the love of Jesus. I remember that little 4-year-old boy who stood off from the other kids and looked so sad and lost after he arrived with his young brother and older sisters, the most unlikely candidate for leading a congregation of some 400 seekers.

There were 4 worship services: both Sundays, Christmas, and New Year's Day. There was a different preacher for each service and lots of special music. The week following Christmas, there was a program every evening including a talent competition and Bible character fancy dress night. Also during the week was the cricket match culminating on New Year's Day with the final match and prize distribution, followed by tea.

Sharon is in the United States, but not by choice. She went to the local authorities and applied for the annual renewal of her visa. She was told she had to apply online this year, which she did. After 3 months, she was informed that the rules have changed and her visia is no longer recognized by the government and that she would have to return to her own country and apply for a new visa. A quick trip to Delhi, with the help of a grandson and 2 Hindu friends, and she was able to get right up to the Home Ministry. She was assured her record was clear, but it is a policy change so she had to follow the order. She left Delhi on Jan. 19, so please pray with us that she can receive the new visa and return here by June.

We are already seeing temperatures of 90 degrees F. The 11th class members gave the 12th class students a farewell in chapel service on Feb. 20. We still need an English and a science teacher for high school, but advertisements have not turned up anyone. Sharon is holding out for Christian teachers.

Please pray for good monsoon rains this year beginning in June. Pray for qualified teachers, not only for English and science but for several other teachers who are at retirement age. Pray for Mr. Bardhan to be able to accomplish all he has in mind for the betterment of the mission. Pray for Sharon's visa, as well as the traveling she will be doing to share with supporting churches. And pray for me (Linda) who mises Sharon.

Again, thank you for continuing your support for the children. It is a great encouragement to us. Your extra designated gift for Christmas was also a big help, not only for Christmas gifts but to boost our income for the next few months.

~ Linda (& Sharon), Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School