Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School (India)

Posted on December 18, 2017.

Sharon at Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School in India has had her visa renewal denied. The government is making it very difficult for Christians to stay in India now that they are striving for a complete Hindu nation.

From Sharon...

Today has been a day of going in circles! Without going into too much boring detail:

  • The government officials have copies that explain the problem and prove my residential extension;
  • Our friend in Delhi is still trying to work with his contact, and this contact at the Home Ministry absolutely refuses to write any letter or put anything in writing, even though he agrees I should stay this year with that extension;
  • Our IT person, who is Mr. Lal’s grandson, has made contact with a very high official who is requesting to talk with me personally by phone and feels he will be able to help;
  • Linda’s back is a lot better today! Praise our Lord.

And we just Praise our Lord for all of you who are praying and praying, and our contacts here who are praying and really trying to help, and the non-Christian contacts who are very supportive and workign very hard with their contacts. We pray that this will all come out OK!

~ Sharon, Kulphar Kids Home & Christian School (India)