Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School (India)

Posted on January 17, 2018.

Our God is a great & wonderful GOD! And though the answer we “wanted” isn’t what we hoped & prayed for, our god is still with us and will guide and direct and, somehow in His glorious goodness and majesty, make all of this to come to his great expectations for our children of Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School (India). Phase 1 of our visa journey has ended. Now, we on to phase 2 -- getting to the U.S. -- and then phase 3: getting back to India.

Our praise and prayer requests:

  • Praise for a great, helpful, and vigilant "visa team" -- 2 wonderful Christians adn 2 wonderful, helpful non-Christians;
  • Praise for smoothly getting to a junior officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, who is from our area, knows our school, and that he was able to witness to others in the ministry that there is nothing unfavorable about me, thereby giving us the reassurance that I will be allowed to come back to India;
  • Prayer for when I do leave India on January 19 and fly into Phoenix, AZ;
  • Prayer, and more prayer, for Linda as she will have to take up my heavy workload and add it to her already heavy workload;
  • Prayer that the visa application process goes smoothly;
  • Prayer that I will remain calm;
  • Prayer that our school's principle will be strong, helpful, and do as God guides him to do.

Thank you and bless you! Thank you for your faithfulness. Our God is still on His throne, and all things work according to His wonderful will.

Blessings and love in Christ,