Miriam's Hope (Hastings, NE)

Posted on September 25, 2017.

We received a letter from our first client of Miriam's Hope. It stated how she came here filled with despair, had just been released from a mental hospital, was fighting drug addiction, and lost her daughter to the foster care system. At the end of her letter, she wrote:

"Miriam's Hope gave my daughter back, friendship with Jesus Christ, long-term recovery, love of myself, love of my child, independence, and help with a future home of my own."

Know that your financial gifts are oging to real people and impacting their lives for the Kingdom! This, saints, is what we are called to.

With that, I want to let you know that our biggest need right now is financially. It costs the state $40,000 to havce 1 child in foster care. We, at Miriam's Hope, house 2 families -- which consists of 2 adults and 4 children. Our costs are much lower, and our families are getting great blessings.

In order to plan for long-term expansion and our vision, Miriam's Hope has hired an employee to help with the management and organization of the day-to-day activities at our facility. Welcome Dan Kostman to our team! Dan's heart is to serve God and become involved with ministry work to help others around him. Dan is married to Kate, and they have a son named Jonathan.

~ Luke & Corina Kliewer, Miriam's Hope