New Beginnings (Kenya)

Posted on February 1, 2017.

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Blessings to you!

We thank God for another year full of love, joy, and happiness. God has granted us good health, and we appreciate for all the wonders upon our life and our ministry.

Our goal for this year is to see that we have:

  1. Completed constructing our church assembly.
  2. Empowered the widows program to purchasing a tent.
  3. Empowered our youth through purchasing a generator and sound system that will help them do open air preachings.
  4. Reached out  to, and supported, the Kitale prison and Bungoma prison.
  5. Supported 20 orphans and stood with them in education.
  6. Planted new churches and expanded the kingdom of God.
  7. Visited our brothers and sisters in semi-desert areas, like Lowdar.
  8. Revived our mission school, which had collapsed some years back due to lack of support.
  9. Reached out to our hospitals with the gospel and supported them with medicine.
  10. Reached out to the schools in our country.

We will be happy if the Lord will help us to run all these programs in a Godly manner since they the desires of our souls and the growth of our ministry.

Be blessed.


Pastor Alex