Pibel Bible Camp (Ericson, NE)

Posted on October 2, 2017.

Last year, Pibel Bible Camp's Board of Trustees revised its by-laws. During this process, we desired to keep our minds on Christ and His mission, and wanted to be more accountable to Christ, our attending campers, our supporting churches, and ourselves.

We also realized that we need churches to be our strongest active supporters of the mission of Pibel Bible Camp, to help the church "introduce people to Jesus and challenge them to become dedicated followers of Him."

We have raised the bar of expectations for our Board, our camps, and our supporting churches. With this in mind, we put into place a confirmation process for churches that are contributing to our mission at a high level. This high level is designated as a "Cooperating Church" and includes:

  • The church confirming a desire to be in association with Pibel Bible Camp;
  • Being a congregation holding to basic theological standards of the Restoration Movement;
  • Demonstrating the ability to work well with other churches and church groups, avoiding divisive actions;
  • Regular financial support through giving and/or supporting camper registrations;
  • Offering Pibel Bible Camp a priority space in your calendar;
  • Contributing physically in the form of an active Board member, Camp staffing, reasonably exclusive camper attendance, and helping with volunteer and service projects such as camp work days.

We are pleased to inform you that Clay Center Christian Church meets this designation for 2017-2018. We hold our Board, camps, and supporting churches to high standards, because there is no higher standard than the calling of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

~ David King, Board of Trustees chairman