Pibel Bible Camp (Ericson, NE)

Posted on May 9, 2018.

Camp time is coming soon. The camp grounds and facilities are in much better shape than before and getting better every week. Right now, most of my focus is on remodeling bathrooms on the north end of the dining hall. The money raised for the camp's 75th annivesary was designated for projects in the Main Building and is now being put to use to finish the restrooms after also helping to improve the kitchen. Both bathrooms have been completely gutted, new framing is in place, and the exterior walls have been insulated. All new plumbing has been installed including new shower valves. All the floors and walls will be tiled, and new counters and sinks will be installed along with new toilets, urinals, and handcap-accessible units. The bathrooms will retain a rustic look even though they will be updated with modern finishes, making them much easier to service and keep sanitary.

While I continue to focus on the bathroom, there are many small -- and a couple large -- jobs to get done before camp season. In the past, we have tried to have struggled to schedule and manage 1 or 2 big work days, so this year we are trying a new approach. I am ready for people to come any time between now and the start of camps! We want to encourage you to find a time when your church, Sunday School class, Bible study group, or friends want to come; then let me know in advance, and I will be ready. You can come any day of the week, keeping in mind I often travel to churches on Sundays. I even have jobs that just 1 person can do if you want to come by yourself.

Here is a list of things you can help with:

  • Rake thatch around buildings
  • Pick up branches
  • Paint 2 doors on the recreation building
  • Move everything out of the kitchen and deep-clean
  • Assemble new stainless steel tables for the kitchen
  • Install shelf liner in kitchen storage cabinets
  • Help kitchen manager set kitchen back up after cleaning
  • Install robe hooks on the bunk beds in the dorms
  • Clear small brush and debris to a new swim beach
  • Clean out bruch from retaining wall by the Lakeview Cabins
  • Clean the gutters on the Hilltop Lodge and Dunning Buildings
  • Trim lower branches from outlying trees
  • Till the volleyball court

Pick your project, and let's get it scheduled. I look forward to having people here making this great camp ground a top-notch place for all to come and enjoy. Don't wait until the last minute! Contact me at 720-289-4321 or kurt@pibelbiblecamp.org to set up a date to work, or for more information.

~Kurt Olson, Pibel Bible Camp